FOOD-to-GO - 04 - 05 February 2015 Gdańsk, Amber Expo

FOOD-to-GO trade show is the most important event in the gastronomic industry in Northern Poland and it’s been organized cyclically for five years already. Our goal is to identify the market needs and provide the service of the highest quality.

In consequence, the interest in this event increases every year and we’re proud to say that we have hundreds of satisfied exhibitors and thousands of  contented visitors.

We want to invite the producers and the distributors of equipment, products and semi-finished products  for gastronomy to present their offer on the trade show.

We also want to invite the owners, managers and everybody who works in restaurants, cafes, bars, catering companies or any other gastronomy connected business to attend FOOD-to-GO.

The seaside touristic area is a place for customers’ and producers’ interests to meet. Moreover, it’s a perfect opportunity to present your products to everyone who’s anyone in the industry. Lots of buffets, bars and restaurants are constantly looking for innovations to improve their services.

We know that the perfect timing - 4 & 5 February, and impeccably chosen place - Gdańsk, is crucial for succeeding. It’s an ideal time to implement some changes. The seaside resorts start to prepare themselves for the high season by hunting for inspiration and industry’s newest trends.

The offer of our exhibitors is no doubt broad when it comes to gastronomy equipment and products, but we also prepared thematic zones which may bring you closer to following issues:

  • The traditional flavors of Pomerania- in this zone the offer of local restaurateurs and associations will be presented.
  • Gluten-free zone - under auspices of Polish Celiac Society and company GLUTENEX Ltd.
  • The zone of Dessert Inspirations - this is where the manufacturers of equipment and products dedicated to cafes, cake and candy shops and ice cream parlors, will show their products.