How to Market your Restaurant on Facebook

Almost everybody uses social media nowadays in one way or another. And many of them use social networking several times a day. If you have a target market, you can find them online. So it’s important to have a social media account for your business to establish your brand, reach your target demographic, engage them, and make favorable impressions on new ones. The following ideas might help promote your restaurant on Facebook.

Post some videos
There’s no need for an elaborate productions or lengthy videos. Short videos will do, with a minute or less duration. Make a simple yet fun-filled video that the customers will surely enjoy. For instance, surprise a customer, capture a special moment, or prank an employee with added twist and humor for some quick clips.

Post lots of pictures
Take some pictures of your restaurant’s decorations, food and beverages, as well as customer experiences. Capture and share anything in which your restaurant does well. This will more likely create an impression. Are you offering a great beer on special? Why not snap a picture of your customers while enjoying their drink? Then invite your fans to try this one too.

Ask some questions
Making online surveys is a great way to know what your customers have to say with your recent promotion, your service crew, or your restaurant as a whole. With this, you’ll receive various feedbacks. Be it positive or negative, you should quickly respond. This way, you’ll know what your strengths and weaknesses are as well as any room for improvement.

Make mini contests
Who doesn’t love prizes? Even if it isn’t really that grand, customers will exert effort to outplay each other and win the prize. Actually it’s not only for fun to them but their ego is also involved so they want to make it. Hence, you captured their attention and successfully engaged them. Reward them with some silly prizes like squeeze balls or branded bottle openers.

Highlight your best employee
Your employees have a great contribution to your success. Give some recognition to an employee who did an amazing job during the week or for the whole month. Treating your staff well enhances your restaurant’s image. This is morale-boosting for your staff as they’re given special attention not only from you but the customers too who get to know them a little better.

Thank you cards
Do you have comment cards for guests’ feedback? Ask your customers to fill up one, encourage them to post on Facebook, and then tag you with their thank you message. Other customers will also be inclined to do the same. Or you may take a picture of any card you receive with positive message. For this, new customers will have a good impression of your restaurant.

Schedule live chats
Make your Facebook account more interactive. Schedule a live chat and give an opportunity for your customers to interact with your chef, bartender, or even yourself. Use this occasion to know your customers, their dining experiences, their suggestions, and what they expect from you in the future. If you have upcoming big events, be sure to bring up this topic in your live chat.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a social networking site. To succeed with your marketing plan through this, you need to increase your fan base and engage them with great content and responsiveness.