Valentine’s Day in Amber Room

Romantic candlelight evening, with sensual live music and an excellent tasting menu prepared by Chef Robert Skubisz.

The Amber Room located within the charming Sobanski Palace on Avenue Ujazdowskie, perhaps the most prestigious street in Warsaw, the venue is an island of serenity, distinguishing itself as place that offers an atmosphere of soft elegance surrounded by the soothing environs of leafy trees and green parks. In Palac Sobanski, beside The Amber Room restaurant; the Polish Business Roundtable Club is located.

The restaurant offers an exquisite menu which combines modern culinary trends, such as elements of molecular cuisine, with hearty Polish traditions.The highest quality ingredients, seasonal products, freshly baked bread, and exceptional wines and champagne are the restaurant’s hallmarks. The Chef, awarded by several prestigious awards and honors, brings his experience and creativity to the fore by creating truly unique and innovative dishes that are sure to be enjoyed and relished.

Amber Room
Pałac Sobańskich
Al. Ujazdowskie 13, Warszawa
tel. (+ 48) 22 523 66 64